ReCreativity / Cimbi

Cimbi is the official brand of ReCreativity Social Enterprise which is a fresh company offering wide range of services (trainings, workshops, coaching, mentoring) always using the tool of creative recycling. Our aim is to support participants to build creative solutions in their everyday life and acquire environmental awareness. ReCreativity:

The core team behind Cimbi consists of a designer, a people’s expert and a business guy. We also have wonderful ladies who help us in cutting and sewing Cimbis. We started to work on the creation of our venture in the very end of 2012 and sold our first Cimbis during the fall of 2013. The co-founders of Cimbi have their residence in Budapest, Hungary.

Our mission is to provide quality design bags and accessories that are unique and recycled.

The Cimbi bags are made from recycled materials, are colorful, youthful and strong – because the materials we use are also designed to resist all kinds of weather conditions. All pieces are literally one of a kind, there are no two alike. Due to uniqueness and quality Cimbi bags serve their owner as perfect accessories and functional pieces.

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